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Great Episodes

"The Yuma Treasure" -- Paladin is hired by a cavalry officer to serve as a go-between during peace negotiations with a tribe of unfriendly Indians. Later, the officer's true intentions become clear, and they revolve around the Indians' "white blanket of gold."

"Quiet Night in Town" -- In this two-part episode, four men in a small Texas town decide to hang Paladin's prisoner, an accused murderer, before he can get to trial. When Paladin objects, they crush his gun hand and shoot his prisoner. Later, he seeks them out....

"The Outlaw" -- Paladin is hired to capture the condemned murderer of eleven men. The escaped killer, Manfred Holt, is a simple man who always gave his enemies a chance, and Paladin can't help but take a liking to him. He allows Holt to visit his wife and newborn son on the way back to death-row, while simultaneously outwitting a posse determined to see that Holt never makes it back alive. In the end, Holt refuses to leave his family, and the inevitable showdown follows.

"The Long Night" -- Paladin and two others in dark clothes are waylaid by a powerful cattle rancher and his men. They're informed that unless one of them confesses to the rancher's wife's murder the night before, all three will be hanged.

"The Protégé" -- Paladin responds to a newspaper ad seeking a pro to "Teach Me to Quick-Draw and Shoot." After scaring away the competition, Paladin determines his charge's cause is just, and transforms the man into a credible gunfighter. After defending himself successfully, the man is warned by Paladin to put away his gun, but his newfound prestige won't let him.

"The Scorched Feather" -- Paladin is hired by young Frenchman Robert Cielbleu, to protect his backwoods father from a strange Indian warrior obsessed with killing him.

"El Paso Stage" -- A young lawyer Paladin meets during the ride is murdered by his hometown's sadistic marshal. The out-of-control lawman also cold-cocks Paladin, who stumbles around a gambling hall in a confused daze. Eventually he recovers and plans to settle the score, no easy task since you can't shoot a lawman, fair fight or not.