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The Card of A Man
The series' first episode, "Three Bells to Perdido," offered little clue to Paladin's past. It did, however, introduce us to his dual life as a wealthy man-of-the-world residing in a San Francisco hotel, and as a black-clothed gunfighter-for-hire. We also were introduced to Paladin's business card, which would somehow find its way into practically every episode:






Courtesy of Marty Rickler

Paladin's standard modus operandi was the constant perusal of the scores of newspapers to which he subscribed, searching for potential clients in the turbulent stories of the times. Then he'd send his card, along with a clipping of the story, to the person-in-need. (Succinct and effective marketing, don't you think?) His standard fee was one thousand dollars -- a hefty sum in those days -- and he'd travel that many miles to get it.