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quote of the actor himself; you'll shake your head in awe at the insights offered by the book's episode guides and filmography. There's even an audio CD included with about a dozen Johnny Western songs -- including the "Ballad of Paladin" -- plus Mr. Boone's recording "The Guns of Rio Muerte"! If you have even the barest interest in Richard Boone, HGWT or any of his other work, this wonderful 270-page, large-format offering by Mr. Rothel is a must-have!

In addition to the $35 regular edition of the book, 600 copies of a special limited edition are available -- personally autographed by Mrs. Richard (Claire) Boone, son Peter Boone, Johnny Western, and the author -- for $50.00. To order, call Empire Publishing, Inc. at (336) 427-5850 or e-mail movietv@pop.vnet.net

Richard Boone Biography
Veteran author David Rothel, who obviously has a great love of the Old West, has recently completed his incredible tribute to Richard Boone. The book, subtitled "A Knight Without Armor in a Savage Land," is a fantastic source of information about the actor, filling a huge void which has existed for so many years. Here you'll marvel at the many great publicity and candid photos; you'll learn more than you ever imagined through the interviews with Mr. Boone's wife Claire, son Peter, sister Betty Lou, HGWT director Andrew V. McLaglen and other HGWT cast members; you'll smile with delight upon reading every