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SIXTH SEASON (1962-63)
09/15/62 Genesis Paladin's origin is finally revealed Although we still don't discover his real name
09/22/62 Taylor's Woman A rancher hires Paladin to somehow stop his impending wedding to his stern, bossy housekeeper Politically incorrect but predictable makeover
09/29/62 The Fifth Bullet Eight years ago, Paladin promised a man a fair trial but couldn't deliver; after his release the two head home to his family, while watching out for five hired killers Some interesting ideas, fine acting
10/06/62 A Place for Abel Hix Paladin arrives at a small town only to find that his client, an aging, legendary gunfighter, has just been shot dead Not quite a classic, but close
10/13/62 Beau Geste Paladin tries to help a middle-aged sheriff who's about to retire deal with the gunmen waiting to kill him -- but his help is rebuffed Not 100% sensible, but not bad
10/20/62 The Bird of Time Paladin captures a wanted murderer, then protects him from the Biblical wrath of a vengeful rancher At least all the bad guys end up "down there"
10/27/62 Memories of Monica Paladin owes sheriff favor, stands with him against wife's ex-lover, a murderous outlaw who's sworn to take her and kill anyone in his way Better than High Noon
11/03/62 The Predators Paladin and accused murderer in desert seek water, instead find shack with young brother and sister; later, gang of thirsty (and bloodthirsty) raiders find them Ultimately quite quenching
11/10/62 Shootout at Hogtooth Politicos hired three gunmen to clean up their town, but now they've taken over; Paladin's engaged to get rid of them A firecracker of a plan... or is it just a dud?
11/17/62 A Miracle for St. Francis Paladin is hired to retrieve stolen statue for a mission in California Only good thing is arrival of Indians
11/24/62 Marshal of Sweetwater Paladin's old friend, a retired army scout and fast-draw, became a tough marshal and cleaned up his town, but absolute power has turned him into a despot Fine character study of extremism in the name of law and order
12/01/62 Man in an Hourglass An old friend of Paladin's, a physician, asks him to find and bring back the son of the woman he loved (who married another man), before he makes mistake Could use a transfusion
12/08/62 Penelope Drunken, fortyish ex-colonel chasing gold in Mexico for a year is nervous about returning to wife, ranch; his manservant asks Paladin to be "advance man" The story is almost as bad as her hair-do
12/15/62 Trial at Tablerock Paladin acts as defense attorney for gunman justly feared and loathed by town, on trial for his life on a trumped-up charge The Law vs. the tyranny of the majority
12/22/62 Be Not Forgetful to Strangers Paladin helps man and his wife -- about to give birth -- on a cold Xmas eve in a town full of wild, aloof revelers Some "corn" on the dessert menu, unfortunately
12/29/62 The Treasure Paladin and bank robber's wife search for her husband and his $80,000 stash -- in ghost town which hides other treasure hunters Sluggish and silly
01/05/63 Brotherhood Paladin attempts to reunite two Eastern-educated Indian brothers -- one now an emasculated sheriff, the other an uncivilized "wild animal" Unremarkable in every way
01/12/63 Bob Wire Paladin helps eccentric salesman transport his cargo of barbed wire, but its delivery may spark a range war Not bad, even though Paladin and comedy don't really mix
01/19/63 The Debutante Paladin locates unappreciated farmgirl, granddaughter of wealthy San Francisco socialite, tries to convince her to go back with him Doesn't quite grow on you
01/26/63 Unforgiving Minute In Mexico, a feverish Paladin flees banditos, seeks help of two homeless Mexicans -- a wimpy farmer and his venal trophy-wife High bad-guy death toll, but little else
02/02/63 American Primitive Paladin and an old sheriff friend hunt down condemned fugitive who mistakenly killed five innocent men while avenging his son's murder Man whose time has passed does elicit sympathy
02/09/63 The Burning Tree While escorting a multiple wife-killer to trial, Paladin encounters a sheriff who wants to hand his prisoner over to Indians -- who need a burial scalp! Some interesting elements, some cornball
02/16/63 The Cage at McNaab Paladin visits woman's husband in prison, soon finds himself awaiting execution in his place Existential story of power, guilt and truth
02/23/63 Caravan Paladin escorts an outcast high priestess from India and her entourage through the desert, to a group of loyal subjects Pointless, half-hearted effort
03/02/63 The Walking Years After being slipped a mickey in a Barbary coast nightspot, Paladin awakens in chains in a dark, isolated warehouse, in the company of two other prisoners More existential theater directed by Mr. Boone
03/09/63 Sweet Lady of the Moon A criminally insane murderer has been pronounced cured by psychiatric treatment; Paladin is hired to escort him and his doctor through unfriendly territory Would you want him in your neighborhood?
03/16/63 The Savages Paladin guides an art collector and his childlike adult daughter into the wilderness, to find a reclusive sculptor Hard to tell who gives the most annoying performance in this one
03/23/63 The Eve of St. Elmo Land baron hires Paladin to avenge firer of bullet which crippled him, while town religiosos pray for a miracle which will prevent any violence They get their wish... do we?
03/30/63 The Lady of the Fifth Moon Paladin protects young Chinese woman from assassins while waiting for arrival of ship to take her back to China About as authentic (and interesting) as Chun King chow mein
04/06/63 Two Plus One Indian girl won't go away after Paladin saves her life, ruins his rendezvous with a French woman in Los Angeles A threesome might have worked better....
04/13/63 The Black Bull Insane former matador first tortures Paladin, then turns him into el toro in the bull ring Pretty much just a load of... well, you know
04/20/63 Face of a Shadow Paladin is hired by a bank to meet a rancher, pick up and deliver $10,000, but the man is murdered and the money stolen; did a gypsy do it? You won't care

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