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09/10/60 The Fatalist Paladin helps a proud Russian-Jewish immigrant (and his daughter) who refuses to be "bought" after he witnesses a murder Well-meaning ethnic episode is slow, bland
09/17/60 Love's Young Dream Goofy backwoods cattle-rustler Monk from Naked Gun turns up in San Francisco, with a financial interest in a popular nightclub, and a romantic one in its pretty owner Show smells almost as much as he does
09/24/60 A Head of Hair Paladin, along with an army scout who once lived with the Sioux, finds and barters with other Indians for the return of a man's abducted daughter Love those enigmatic Indians
10/01/60 Out at the Old Ball Park Paladin plays umpire to settle ballfield feud between townsfolk and pros, tries to get game finished Misguided change-up goes afoul
10/08/60 Saturday Night In jail with several others after a bar fight, Paladin is accused by the town marshal of murdering a young man found dead in his cell Too talky and plodding
10/15/60 The Calf Paladin helps an old man and his adopted son in a bitter feud over a fence and a small piece of land Situation has a convincing air of human pettiness
10/22/60 The Tender Gun Cantankerous, middle-aged female joke-of-a-sheriff offers Paladin cold cash to rid town of gunfighters She will give you nightmares
10/29/60 The Shooting of Jesse May Paladin tracks young murderer of ten men to an isolated wilderness shack, meets and befriends its two occupants -- but are they covering for the killer? Has some tense moments
11/05/60 Pre-empted      
11/12/60 Poker Fiend Wife of man obsessed with high-stakes poker game hires Paladin to cut hubby's losses and bring him home Compelling battle for a lost man's soul
11/19/60 Crowbait Old prospector enlists Paladin's aid in finding secret Indian silver mine Silver, not gold
11/26/60 The Marshall's Boy Paladin must find marshal's accused son hiding in mountains, convince him to come in and stand trial, before worked-up posse gets him Father-son angle not really explored
12/03/60 Fogg Bound Paladin meets Phileas Fogg of Around the World in 80 Days fame, helps him and entourage cross river Sorry, the trip just isn't worth it
12/10/60 The Legacy Dying fugitive wills a fortune to anyone in posse who kills Paladin before they get back to town Unrealistic -- they would have just shot our hero
12/17/60 The Prisoner Paladin tries to convince a judge that the now 21-year-old member of a murderous clan (who has spent his last 11 years in prison) has suffered enough and should not be hanged Still-relevant example of legal system woes, mob vengeance
12/24/60 The Puppeteer Paladin gets a wagon ride from a puppeteer who's on his way to Fort Pawnee (and its namesake general who has Presidential aspirations) Not fit even for dummies
12/31/60 Vernon Good Paladin seeks a night's rest at a California mission, finds a priest with a temper and a young man trying to avoid a lynch mob He'd have been better off at a Motel 6
01/07/61 A Quiet Night in Town
(Part 1)
Four men decide to hang Paladin's prisoner for the sake of amusement Tense, engrossing tale of the evil men do
01/14/61 A Quiet Night in Town
(Part 2)
An injured, enraged Paladin seeks justice Solid finish to the series' only two-parter
01/21/61 The Princess and the Gunfighter Princess of tiny kingdom disappears during U.S. tour; can Paladin find her and bring her back to Frisco? Duty calls. Weakly.
01/28/61 Shadow of a Man Woman hires Paladin to protect Southerner husband from Confederate-hating townsfolk Unconvincing, familiar tale
02/04/61 Long Way Home Paladin competes with four unscrupulous bounty hunters to bring in a former slave who has turned outlaw -- dead or alive Snakebit by some talky stretches
02/11/61 The Tax Gatherer Paladin is hired to collect cattle taxes from very reluctant ranchers in Bad Dog, Oregon Worse than actually paying taxes
02/18/61 Pre-empted      
02/25/61 The Fatal Flaw Paladin, a wounded marshal, their prisoner (an evil, philosophical gang-leader) and an orphaned girl weather a snowstorm in an isolated cabin Every man has his price -- or does he?
03/04/61 Fandango Two boys, slated to be hanged for murder, have escaped; Paladin helps an old sheriff friend bring them in, protect them from the victim's brother -- a legendary gunfighter Think-piece about responsibility, punishment
03/11/61 The Last Judgment Paladin plays defense attorney, defends innocent doctor in small town kangaroo court run by maniacal justice-of-the-peace More dramatic tension than other HGWT "courtroom" episodes
03/18/61 The Gold Bar Paladin helps a remorseful San Francisco bank clerk return the gold bar he swiped (before its loss is discovered) Change of pace simply does not glitter
03/25/61 Everyman Tarot-card reader predicts the skeptical Paladin's future -- an encounter with a sailor and Death Tarot and Big Brother, together again
04/01/61 The Siege Paladin is hired by desert town to deal with three barely-sane brothers who terrorize everyone by poisoning the water supply One whiff of this will surely kill you
04/08/61 The Long Weekend Paladin is hired to protect town from free-spending yet destructive, scary and huge mountain man who visits occasionally and wreaks havoc And you thought dinosaurs were extinct
04/15/61 El Paso Stage After being cold-cocked by a psycho-killer town marshal, a groggy Paladin formulates a plan to end his reign of terror and settle the score The original
Man in Black, at his avenging best
04/22/61 Duke of Texas Paladin accompanies a young, naive Austrian duke on a misguided quest to become emperor of Mexico More puke than duke
04/29/61 Broken Image Paladin goes after gang of bank robbers with a small-town local hero -- or is he? Solid psychological show
05/06/61 Brother's Keeper Paladin is mauled by a cougar, then robbed and left for dead by two men... but he makes it to the region's only town -- seeking answers Intriguing mystery remains puzzling throughout
05/13/61 Bear Bait Three young punks terrorize a town while the sheriff refuses to interfere Obvious 1960's "juvenile delinquency" message
05/20/61 The Cure Paladin helps Calamity Jane regain dignity, oust imposter and attain her rightful place as show-biz attraction Not much of a comeback
05/27/61 The Road Robbed by scavengers and forced to cross a wintry mountain range on foot, Paladin turns to reluctant father-and-son prospectors for help Just doesn't ring true
06/03/61 The Uneasy Grave Paladin chances upon forlorn woman burying her fiancÚ at roadside, goes after his murderer (town bigwig) Bittersweet tale of hopelessness and jealousy
06/10/61 Soledad Crossing A diptheria scare keeps Paladin, his prisoner, and other travelers from advancing along route Uninspired season-ender

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