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09/13/58 The Man Hunter Forced to kill his quarry, Paladin is accused by entire town of murdering him; then his angry brothers show up Superb study of "one against the mob"
09/20/58 In an Evil Time Paladin takes a shine to the leader of a bank heist, an irascible old codger with a broken leg being pursued by his erstwhile partners in crime Essentially a two-man stage-play, not a TV show
09/27/58 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Paladin helps a shy romantic woo his true love, a female ranch owner Boring, silly change of pace; possibly the worst show of the series
10/04/58 The Hanging of Roy Carter Paladin tries to convince a bitter prison warden to delay the scheduled execution of a young man, seeks ally in prison chaplain Has several dramatic moments
10/11/58 Duel at Florence Pacifist town barber enlists Paladin's aid in fight with two other men for the hand of his unsure, petulant ladylove Surprise! -- she really wanted the barber the whole time
10/18/58 The Protégé Paladin teaches a bullied young man how to quick-draw and shoot Can the student surpass his teacher? A classic episode
10/25/58 The Road to Wickenburg Paladin wakes up groggy after being robbed, confronts five men who control town The black dragonslayer takes no prisoners in this one
11/01/58 A Sense of Justice Paladin volunteers his services to help a small-town sheriff keep a retarded man accused of murder from being lynched Features decent gunfight and nice twist at end
11/08/58 Young Gun Bitter ex-gunfighter, now rancher, denies town access to its only source of water, trains son as gunman, forces showdown with Paladin Great script, much depth
11/15/58 The Lady British gentlewoman hires Paladin as guide for trip to brother's Arizona ranch, where Comanches happen to be on the warpath These are the dumbest Indians of all time
11/22/58 A Snare for Murder Two cantankerous gold miners, partners doing quite well, want each other dead -- or does someone else? Well-plotted mystery
11/29/58 Pre-empted      
12/06/58 The Ballad of Oscar Wilde Paladin must rescue famous writer and quipster Oscar Wilde from cowboy kidnappers Nearly a classic
12/13/58 The Solid Gold Patrol Paladin informs a cavalry corporal on patrol that he's won $600,000 in a lottery, but he may not collect -- due to dozens of very hostile Indians You'll sit there saying "yep, that's what would have happened to me."
12/20/58 Something to Live For On his way to help an old man and his daughter in a land dispute, Paladin encounters and brings along a wealthy, spoiled, helpless, alcoholic young man Love is in the air -- or is it just whiskey breath?
12/27/58 The Moor's Revenge Paladin tries to preserve order when Shakespearean actors try to perform in an unfriendly, wild-west saloon Let us keepeth William S. in the schools, where he belongeth
01/03/59 The Wager Wealthy businessmen dupe Paladin and another gunman into a deadly shoutout solely for their own amusement The upper class just needs its bread and circuses
01/10/59 The Taffeta Mayor Paladin persuades wife of murdered, honest candidate for mayor in corrupt town to run in his place I think I'll abstain
01/17/59 Lady on the Stagecoach Paladin's key companions while traveling by stage are an Indian chief's Eastern-educated daughter and a crate packed with gold Nicely-done tale of bigotry, with some tense moments
01/24/59 Treasure Trail Paladin wins piece of treasure map in poker game, searches for it with three other men who have the rest of the pieces Nice puzzle, good show
01/31/59 Juliet An unarmed Paladin helps a girl on the cusp of womanhood avoid a notorious ex-Confederate colonel (and his nasty kin) with murder on his mind Coming-of-age story succeeds on several levels
02/07/59 Hunt the Man Down Paladin must intervene in a bitter dispute between two brothers, both of whom are old friends Whip-crackin' internecine war
02/14/59 The Scorched Feather A young Frenchman hires Paladin to protect his backwoods father from an insane Indian warrior Just a tad obscure, but most unusual and engrossing
02/21/59 The Return of the Lady Title character of The Lady wires Paladin, seeking rescue from impending marriage to wealthy, gruff rancher whom she's been trying to refine One of Paladin's weaker game-plans
02/28/59 The Monster of Moon Ridge Strange, unearthly things are happening near Moon Ridge, Colorado -- or do they have a prosaic explanation? Very silly stuff
03/07/59 The Long Hunt Paladin and others, including a rancher whose wife was killed by Indians, go into the mountains after a murderous half-Comanche So slow it seems impossibly long
03/14/59 Death of a Gunfighter Paladin finds himself a reluctant participant in a deadly New Mexican feud, and must deal with a repentant, lightning-draw Mexican gunman Muy, muy bueno
03/21/59 Incident at Borasca Bend Goofy prospectors of wacky "tent town" put Paladin on trial for the murder of one of their comrades Ho-hum "courtroom episode"
03/28/59 Pre-empted      
04/04/59 Maggie O'Bannion After being bushwacked and stripped of everything, Paladin hires on as handyman at the ranch of the lovely and lonely Maggie Silly knife-fight almost ruins a fine episode
04/11/59 The Chase Woman hires Paladin to find and bring in husband, a bank clerk accused of killing deputy sheriff, before vengeful posse does Decent climax salvages show
04/18/59 Alaska Old Russian friend and furrier asks for Paladin's help when U.S. buys Alaska, and yahoo squatters try to drive him out Paladin in a dog-sled race? Yelp!
04/25/59 The Man
Who Lost
Paladin captures a killer (who claims he's innocent) who also abused his victim's wife; now Paladin must protect him from the dead man's vengeful brothers We don't lose -- this one's a classic
05/02/59 The Return of Roy Carter Paladin and title character from The Hanging of Roy Carter search snow-covered mountains for a chaplain and an escaped convict Dramatic ending provides salvation
05/09/59 The Sons of Aaron Murdock Paladin is hired by a rancher to bring in his sadistic son, who's wanted for murder Standard tale of good son, bad son
05/16/59 Comanche Paladin goes after cavalry deserter and his girlfriend, finds bullet-ridden horse, history Nice story of honor, guilt and shame
05/23/59 Homecoming Innocent and angry convict (who'd been caught by Paladin), now released, poses threat to venal stagecoach magnate Familiar, okay story
05/30/59 The Fifth Man Maniacal killer escapes from prison, slays four, then sticks around instead of leaving; Paladin must capture him, find out why Intriguing premise holds interest
06/06/59 Heritage of Anger Paladin helps couple who have been targeted by a legendary Mexican outlaw, demanding they hand over their adopted son or die Satisfying study of a kid torn between two worlds
06/13/59 The Haunted Trees Woman who inherited lumber mill from husband hires Paladin to stop her stepson's guerilla tactics, which have been sabotaging the operation Female lead is quite a character
06/20/59 Gold and Brimstone A delusional old man working an abandoned mine thinks Paladin is the Devil Interesting primarily because of Paladin's amused tolerance

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