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FIRST SEASON (1957-58)
09/14/57 Three Bells to Perdido Paladin is hired by rancher to bring back his daughter and son-in-law from Mexican hole-in-the wall Interesting series opener is a notch above ordinary 50's western fare
09/21/57 The Outlaw Paladin lets a convicted killer on way to gallows take detour to see wife and newborn son A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
09/28/57 The Great Mojave Chase Paladin bends rules, uses a camel in desert race Unusual change of pace
10/05/57 Winchester Quarantine Peaceful Cherokee couple is harassed by whites, and Paladin seems to be on the Indian-haters' side Solid episode about the stupidity of prejudice
10/12/57 A Matter of Ethics Paladin guarantees accused murderer that he won't be lynched, despite the best efforts of the victim's sister Uneven story about mob psychology and vengeance
10/19/57 The Bride Paladin sticks with mail-order bride after stagecoach drops her off in middle of nowhere Well-plotted, with a snake of a villain
10/26/57 Strange Vendetta A Mexican nobleman, dying from an assassin's bullet, asks Paladin to deliver his body back to hacienda in Mexico Convincing tale includes nice surprise
11/02/57 High Wire Paladin bets $3000 that a diminutive, downtrodden acrobat can walk across canyon on wire Case study of despair, self-respect and salvation
11/09/57 Show of Force Paladin wins obsolete rifles in poker game, finds use for them in range war You don't bluff just at the card table
11/16/57 The Long Night Wealthy rancher rounds up Paladin and two others, will hang all three unless one admits to murder of his wife Superb story and payoff
11/23/57 The Colonel and The Lady Retired, rich, aristocratic and curious colonel hires Paladin to discover fate of saloon girl at now mined-out Nevada town Answer to mystery is right under nose
11/30/57 No Visitors Religious fanatic whips townsfolk into frenzy, tries to keep out Paladin, female doctor, and typhoid patients Paladin stands up to entire town -- twice!
12/07/57 The Englishman Paladin serves as guide to a (very) British heir, introduces him to his female cousin, her ranch, and the ways of the West Rather boring, actually; at least it has Indians
12/14/57 The Yuma Treasure Paladin accompanies cavalry major to find and negotiate a treaty with hard-to-find Indian chief Parable of human greed features wonderfully inscrutable Indians
12/21/57 The Hanging Cross Xmas episode finds Paladin in center of battle over embittered rancher's son stolen by Indians Episode's unusual opening "teaser" must be seen to be believed; story itself is a bit sweet
12/28/57 Helen of Abajinian Armenian winemaker hires Paladin to retrieve lovestruck daughter, who has run away chasing a callow, ambivalent young man Award-winning teleplay has high aspirations, but proves only mildly interesting
01/04/58 Ella West Wild-west show promoter seeks Paladin's aid in making a lady out of famous female hellcat Pygmalion goes west, where it doesn't belong
01/11/58 The Reasonable Men Young man suffering growing pains challenges rancher who raised him (for control of cattle acreage); Paladin is hired by latter to keep them both alive Only good part is Paladin's comment after "easy kill"
01/18/58 The High Graders Paladin investigates after his tailor is killed in a mining accident at his supposedly worthless gold mine Includes great shootout followed by Paladin's analysis of outcome
01/25/58 The Last Laugh Troublemaker goads huge retarded man to put burr under saddle, then blames Paladin for "joke" which crippled rancher's wife Paladin is forced to defy town in order to expose the truth
02/01/58 The Bostonian Paladin protects Easterner and wife who bought prime land from under nose of dangerous Nevada rancher And he does it with hardly any violence
02/08/58 The Singer Paladin is hired to provide jilted man with ten minutes of time to speak to former fianceť, now married to wealthy rancher Varied action successfully moves from "wild west" outdoor setting to San Francisco
02/15/58 Bitter Wine Italian winemaker hires Paladin to stop Irish oil-driller and his waste products from polluting his vinyard Features the most idiotic gun battle in TV history
02/22/58 The Girl From Piccadilly A wealthy old man, having learned of his son's death, hires Paladin to find and bring back the daughter-in-law he's never even met Pleasant episode works well
03/01/58 The O'Hare Story While protecting a town's water supply, Paladin takes a liking to the leader of "the enemy" -- a feisty, middle-aged engineer Interesting switcheroo
03/08/58 Birds of a Feather Paladin tries to settle a right-of-way dispute between two railroads, save dying town from gunfighters Credible parable of ruling and working classes
03/15/58 The Teacher Paladin protects schoolmarm from former Civil War raiders who don't like what she's been teaching about them The price of freedom has always been high
03/22/58 Killer's Widow Paladin must both find $30,000 in missing loot and salve his conscience -- for having created a new widow the last time he was in town Despite the obviousness of the "surprise," still a well-crafted tale.
03/29/58 Gun Shy On the trail of Hey Boy's uncle's stolen chess set, Paladin finds himself at an isolated Montana inn, third-wheel in a struggling romance The activity at a Holiday Inn would be more interesting
04/05/58 The Prize-Fight Story Paladin accompanies boxing-promoter buddy and his charge to small town, steps into ring with British heavyweight Too much silliness TKO's this one
04/12/58 Hey Boy's Revenge When a Chinese acquaintance of Hey Boy's is murdered, he enlists Paladin's aid to bring the Caucasian killer to justice Merely okay change of pace; cited by TV Guide as one of 100 Greatest
04/19/58 Pre-empted      
04/26/58 The Five Books of Owen Deaver Young, idealistic sheriff's regime is too strict; Paladin's an old family friend who tries to help him loosen up A boy with a badge can be so annoying
05/03/58 The Silver Queen Lonely old man meets dreamgirl, wills her half-ownership in mine, drops dead; his venal partner wants all the silver for himself Script attempts far too much for a mere half-hour
05/10/58 Three Sons Paladin lets newlyweds use his hotel suite, then defends groom's quirky father from charges of senility Even last-minute gunfight can't save this one from Alzheimer's
05/17/58 The Return of Dr. Thackeray Paladin helps female physician friend from No Visitors deal with unruly cowhands at ranch under smallpox quarantine Situation too confining
05/24/58 Twenty-Four Hours at
North Fork
Paladin aids peaceful Mennonites, about to be driven out of town by venal merchant and henchman Despite its flaws, quite powerful
05/31/58 Silver Convoy A prosperous Mexican gentleman uses convicted criminals for slave-labor in his silver mine -- who always disappear before release; Paladin decides to end it Good tale with class-war undertones
06/07/58 Deliver the Body Paladin goes after the alleged killer of a town's sheriff, then sticks around to get him a lawyer and ensure a fair trial Satisfying standard story
06/14/58 The Statue of San Sebastian Paladin tries to retrieve a church's holy relic from a penurious rancher Uninspired first season finale

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