Written by Martin Grams, Jr. and Les Rayburn

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"In the books there’s a name for a man like you. A Paladin. That’s a gentleman knight in shiny armor, all armed with a cause and righteousness and a fine, pointed lance . . . yet, a mercenary. A man who hires out for gold. What was your price, my noble Paladin?"

You’ve read the Richard Boone biography, now read the book about Have Gun-- Will Travel! Over 100 people have been exclusively interviewed for this project!

* Did you know that Paladin once graced the cover of Time magazine?
* Did you know that John Dehner, radio’s Paladin, was previously an animator for Walt
    Disney studios, and drew scenes for Bambi and Fantasia?
* Do you know all the details about the 30 years+ court case regarding the Rhode Island
    mechanic who claimed he created the Paladin character-- and took CBS to court?
* Did you know the not-so-happy story why Sam Rolfe, co-creator of HGWT, left the
    series during the middle of the third season?

You can learn all these and many more when you purchase your copy of The Have
Gun– Will Travel Companion
, due for release in October, 2000! This book also includes:

* All 106 radio broadcasts, including official script titles, plots, complete cast lists (who
    played who), rehearsal and recording dates and times, writers, directors, etc.

All 225 television episodes, which includes the same information stated above.
* A chapter documenting (with photos) each and every HGWT collectable!
* All summer reruns and mid-season pre-emptions are documented as well! At the present
    time, there has not yet been a publication that has listed every episode with correct
    titles and airdates. Many have not even listed all 225 broadcasts! The authors have
    gone to great lengths to finally straighten out all of those errors. This book will finally
    offer the definitive broadcast information.

Includes exclusive interviews with: Byron Paul, Lorna Thayer, Don Taylor, Hal Needham, Lawrence Dobkin, Raymond Guth, Al Ruscio, Harry Bartell, Jack Doner, Virginia Gregg, Warren Stevens, Shimon Wincelberg, Frank R. Pierson, Russel Arms, Dick Beals, Ray Kemper, Marian Seldes, Anthony Caruso, Bethel Leslie, Sidney Polack, Chris Alcaide, Sam Rolfe, Herman Groves, Tommy Cook, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Harry Morgan, John Dehner, Fintan Meylar, Andrew V. McLaglen, John Fiedler, Albert Ruben, Gary Walberg, Leonard Klatzkin, and many, many others who talked with the authors personally for this book!